Step 1

Your Power Line position will be automatically activated as soon as you buy one of our AdPacks. Your position will take last spot in the Power Line.

Step 2

When 4 new positions be filled, first member of Power Line queue will get position closed. When position close, you will get $20 in balance and a new entry in Power Line

Step 3

All Referrals you sponsor will help you complete your position, each position you have will close every time your referrals get 4 positions in Power Line.

Revenue Flow

One Team Forced Powerline

For only $10 you will become a part of company forced powerline with potential income of unlimited $20 payments

10% Referral Bonus from all your Referrals Purchases

Refer a friend and get paid 10% referral bonus. Help your friend to take his business of the ground and earn 10% of all money they spend.

You Haven't Skills to sponsor new members?

We have good news!

All entries in powerline gives 10% to first position, members with no sponsor will help first position in queue, like if first position in queue is his sponsor!

With these, all our members that haven't skills to sponsor new members can get profit too because queue never stop move!
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